The Institute of Sociophysiology

Our Founding Faculty

Fondly referred to as a “sestina of polylexical exiles,” Our Founding Faculty packs an academic wallop! Multicultural, too! Thus are disciplinary walls torn down, and overbeaten dogmas laid on ice. Or sometimes hung, emasculated, eviscerated, quartered and burnt! Be(com)ing as we do, however, from lands where tolerance was intolerable, knowledge actively ignored, and peace pacified by all means some snotty-nosed fundamentalist tyrant could muster with jackboot, cross, hammer, crescent, sickle, strickle, sword, gun, star, barbed wire, bulldozer, gas chamber, isolation ward, electroshock, chemical lobotomy, and any other such sharp-edged symbols of nosesinoleo, our disputes are purely academic. All perspectives are given an even keel here, and set, in all weathers, upon our scholarly seas. Sinking or floating is thus a matter of sociophysiological sailsmanship and rigorous heterolexical courage in the tempestuous rugosity that ensues when received ideas are tossed about in the rubicund ardor of our intellectual grillade. Bon appétit!
Kiko Devi
Hope Flamingo
Tony Hamiltonian
Fatima de Queiros
Mike Turbo
Bernard Vighdan