The Institute of Sociophysiology
Located in the cosmopolitan heart of the Tetrastic region’s most bustling city and Flouzianian capital, Owlstain, the Institute of Sociophysiology (ISOCPHYS) was founded in 1992 by what have been fondly referred to as a “sestina of polylexical exiles” (SePolEx) intent on gathering round themselves in a single bucolic logur the disparate cutting edge intellectual persuasions each of them was prevented from pursuing to their ripe be(com)ing in their respective homelands of exodus: but so often from the dolor of divastigation have the sad seeds of genius been sown dans le “bon champ de labour” (Nietzsche 1879, § 332) which is nothing less than the very “umbrella discipline to bridge the findings of animal behaviorists, the psychological basis of the human mind, and the nature of neural systems within the mammalian brain” (Panksepp 1998: 5). Thus do we reap.

In addition to the acquisition, in said umbrellical matrinstitute, of the interdisciplinary outils demanded by the fruitful, thriving, fecund, and fertile gute Acker (ibid.) of sociophysiology proper (deobnubilation of most any and all of our difficult discipline’s hardcore terms may be glommed from a glance at our Lexique Sociophysiologique [LEXSOCPHYS]), the inquisitive lectuer will also find the resources necessary for exhaustive inquiries into wordism, paperism, senimality, and so on in our Institute of Lexical Ecology (ILE); those, on the other hand, interested in devoting themselves to heterolexical subjectivity, schizomythology, yazdehanity, und so weiter may opt to participate in our Center for the Analysis and Clitalysis of Altarity (CACA).

Recently, in fact, both the Euphenics Forum of Owlstain (EFO) and the Légation de Scolarité Obligatoire de la Flousiane (LSOF) have deemed ISOCPHYS to be “une Institution Supérieure Officielle de l’Éducation Publique Obligatoire” (ISOEPO), thus enabling qualified inmates to pursue, at public expense, all of the aforementioned vocations and more throughout the intramural sprawl of our burgeoning campus anastomosing its textually promiscuous hyphae throughout the commodious grounds of the quondam Château Methuen and beyond.

Each of the three points, furthermore, of our “palmate of bodymindspirit (PBMS),” as we proudly like to call our trifoliolate compass, publishes its own journal — ISOCPHYS: the Journal of Sociophysiology (JSocPhys); ILE: Translexicalia (TLex); CACA: the Journal of Yazdehan Studies (JYazS) — under the auspices of an editorial committee consisting of our founding faculty (OFF) and our associative faculty (OAF); contributions regularly include cutting edge articles submitted by the members of both faculty grades as well as our resident lectuers (ORL) and ISOCPHYS-certified Owlstain community members (ICOCM). ISOCPHYS also maintains intermittent contact with committed ISOCPHYS-associational Owlstain community members (IAOCM) who may opt to participate more erratically in the pursuits upon the royal road of which ISOCPHYS is encore and toujours embarked.

Please do not feel afraid to fully probe our logur and to make direct contact with any and all individuals linked to ISOCPHYS, ILE or CACA, whether they be OFF, OAF, ORL, ICOCM or IAOCM.