The Institute of Sociophysiology
Mona Coltrane

ISOCPHYS-Certified Owlstain Community Member

Owlstain, Château Methuen

Managing editor (ME) of the Owlstain SCAT since that hebdomadaire's founding in 1992, Mona studies the emotional foundations of causality, that is, how our notions and perceptions of causality emerge from our experience of emotion-charged "conjunctivisms," or the sociophysiological entanglements of subject and object, perceiver and perceived, etc. Being of Sihlaucal (Coast Fukari) extraction, Mona is also interested in the work and legacy of Otto X. Goldbarg (1882–1944), philandering Poldevian prince in exile and pioneering ethnopsammophilologist of the Tetrastics.
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